About ADI

Mission Statement:

The objects of ADI are to educate, create awareness, and promote the interest of humanity in the cause of justice, and the suppression of all forms of cruelty to animals; wherever possible, to alleviate suffering, and to conserve and protect animals and their environment.

We are opposed to violence or intimidation whether directed at humans or other animals.


With offices in London, Los Angeles and Bogota, Animal Defenders International (ADI) is a major international force for animal protection, working at regional, national and international levels to protect animals and the environment.  ADI has succeeded through precision-led undercover investigations and scientific reports, to secure greater legal protection for animals.  Lobbying on issues such as animals in entertainment; animals used in experiments and the funding of alternatives; worldwide traffic in endangered species; vegetarianism; factory farming; pollution and conservation; ADI is changing humanity’s perspective on the way we view the other species that share our planet.  ADI organises international animal rescues of animals in distress.

How we work:

We conduct investigations of animal use in industry and commerce, gather evidence and assist authorities with the prosecution of law-breakers when appropriate; we publish scientific and technical reports; produce parliamentary briefings; educational materials for schools and colleges; lobby for laws to protect animals.

ADI has observer status at the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) where we work with governments, agencies and other groups on management of wildlife and measures to preserve and protect.  160 governments are currently signatories to the CITES Treaty.

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